Newest Edition of Psychologica Available!

Don’t miss the newest edition of the OACCPP produced Psychologica magazine; the theme of this edition is milestones! As we look forward this year to the 40th anniversary of the founding of the OACCPP, we wish to recognize the milestones reached by our members, our Association, and, of course, our profession.

We would like to thank Terry Real, Stephanie Vatri, Tifrah Warner, Laurie Hill, Suzannane Zook-Jonhston, Lisa Raffoul, Anna Lomanowska, Caroline Rosta, Hossein Sani and Ed Connors for their unique and engaging contributions to this edition of the magazine.

You can access this edition of Psychologica by opening the attachment sent to your email and/or logging into your OACCPP account and navigating to “Association Publications”.