To Blaze or Not to Blaze…That is the Question? Cannabis Workshop – June 8, 2019

Program Overview This workshop is designed to inform clinicians about the many psychologically-pertinent issues related to legalized marijuana usage, including: What information must be provided to ensure clients are receiving quality information from a harm reduction, empirically validated position? How do we avoid the dichotomy of “it’s harmless” vs “it’s harmful and a gateway drug”…

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CBT for Depression and Suicide Workshop – May 9-11, 2019

Program Overview Learn the fundamentals of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for depression and suicidality through an experiential workshop delivered by the Beck Institute, a leading international source for training, therapy and resources in CBT. You will learn how to conceptualize depressed clients, plan treatment based on an individualized conceptualization, establish the therapeutic relationship, instill hope,…

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