Welcome to the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals

The Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists is now the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals. This new name continues to represent our diverse membership and the collaborative roles we play in the continuum of mental healthcare while highlighting the competencies of our membership. 

The name has changed yet the OAMHP remains equally committed to the growth and the enhancement for the access to and the provision of mental healthcare in Ontario.

Suzanne Dennison, President of the OACCPP and Executive Director Maryann Istiloglu announced the rebranding and relaunch of the association following the recent vote at the Annual General Meeting in Toronto on September 21st, 2019. The name change follows extensive consultations with the Association’s members, advisors and Board of Directors.

“The consultations have been a wonderful opportunity to assess and redefine our long-term goals, strengthen our messaging with the policymakers and to launch an improved, forward-looking Association designed to be the best in Canada for mental health professionals,” said Dennison. “We’re updating our look and our strategies in order to continually improve the access to and provision of mental healthcare services in Ontario. It is an exhilarating time as we prepare the Association for the next decade.”

A new website is coming. Watch this space for further updates.

If You Are A Current Member:

If you are a current OACCPP member, you can now refer to the association with the new name of Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals – the OAMHP. We will be sending you an updated information package electronically in November 2019. This will outline the updates to the association, introduce new ways to communicate within our community and describe the new benefits which are being added to your membership at no additional cost. We will also be sending you a new Membership Certificate and further details on upcoming professional development and networking opportunities planned for 2020. Questions? Please contact us.

Our new and improved Find A Therapist Directory is now available!

The OAMHP is proud to offer the public an opportunity to seek mental health support from within the OAMHP membership. You will find an overview of services offered, modalities of practice, and credentials of members that have decided to opt-in to this service.


Bringing together stakeholders from the mental health and addictions system in Ontario. Members can access the exclusive OAMHP group.

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We hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend. This year we are thankful for our members and all of the important work they do.

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